Many National Parks won’t let you in without Grey Water Storage and many towns won’t allow you to spill water in gutters. Self-containment is definitely one of the most contentious issues surrounding RVing in Australia today.

It is suggested that you don’t store grey water for more than 3 to 4 days, as it can become quite acidic and smell. One way traps can be fitted to reduce the smell back into the van.

Grey water tank sizes vary from 40 litres, 60 litres and 95 litres. Although there may be a few other variations out there, more specifically for mobile homes. These can be unsuitable for caravans, as caravans hang too low. You can also get a custom made tank in plastic or stainless steel. Either way, custom made can be much more expensive to buy.

Also you need to think about where to place your extra tank, as towing another tank full of grey water could unbalance your van. Maybe you may need to move your clean water tank, and fit your grey water tank in appropriately.

Also take into consideration that ideally, your grey water tank should be as close as possible to the fixtures it is going to serve.

This needs to be confirmed, but I am told most parks require a minimum tank size of 12 litre volume.

Getting your waste pipes to travel on grade, with some falling from where it comes through the floor, flowing to the grey water tank is ideal. This is not always possible due to existing steel bracing and suspension getting in its path. Some water sitting in the pipes is not the plan, however the system will still work.

In my experience a lot of grey water tanks designed for caravans are not really suitable as the inlet is at the top of the tank. This puts it equal to floor level and if a fixture like a shower has to flow to the grey water tank it then has no gradient fall to the tank.

That is where our unique method of connecting the tank allows for gradient fall, and also does not force all grey water waste to flow to one inlet pipe instead, spreads it evenly to different inlet points.

Even though we have plumbed a whopping 100,00 caravans over 40 odd years, for over 50 manufacturers, we think of quality rather than quantity. We like to think that we are more of a boutique type of business.

We are a company that develops new ideas and have developed a unique method on connecting waste pipes to grey water tanks. In doing so, reducing up to 50% of exposed pipe under your van, and reducing the risk of stones breaking the pipes. We can also cover your pipes, and by doing so reduce the stone damage by a least 50%

For more information, or to have a friendly chat about what grey water solution would be best for you, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9357 5809.

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