Swift Ecotherm Heater with Inline Filter Kit

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  • Ecotherm is a hydronic heater which draws heat from your hot water unit.
  • Uses approximately the top 5-6 degrees of temperature.
  • Circulates it back to the hot water system to be re-used and kept at normal temperature.
  • Doesn't require outside ventilation.
  • The Ecotherm heater can be run using gas or electricity.
  • Fully WaterMark certified.

  • Simple to install.
  • No external fluing or vents required.
  • Works directly off the Swift Hot Water Unit.
  • Connects to the inlet & outlet lines of the Hot Water Unit tank.
  • Comes complete with heat exchanger, circulating pump and thermostat.
  • Can be installed under the bed or in a cupboard.
  • Can use either or both 240v or gas of the hot water unit.
  • Operates at a pressure of 400Pa.
  • Air discharge temperature approximately 40°C.
  • No clearance required for flues or emission of fumes.
  • Unit is compact and installed inside van so road dust or damage is not a problem.
  • Heater can be mounted on its side.
  • Overall dimensions 300mm(W)x310mm(D)X 160mm(H).
  • Light weight.
  • Best suited to vans 19 feet and under.
  • Fully WaterMark certified.

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