40mm Valve / Waterless Waste Trap

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40mm Valve / Waterless Waste Trap

The smart alternative to traditional traps and most innovative advance in plumbing since the water-seal trap.

Unlike most waterless traps that rely on a waster seal, this 40mm trap uses an elastomeric membrane that is enclosed within that allows water to pass through, then closes once the flow is complete, forming a tight seal.

Great space saver and can be installed both vertically and horizontally (with the use of a knuckle bend).

  • BSP female inlet nut x universal compression outlet
  • Membrane opens under water pressure to allow discharge to flow freely and then closes to form a seal to prevent foul odour or sewer gas entering the building
  • Can be fitted in horizontal or vertical position
  • Can be fitted in installation where a non-return valve can be of benefit to the plumbing installation
  • No water seal so it can never dry out through evaporation or lack of use of an appliance as the membrane remains sealed

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